Kimberly Allen, MS, LCDC, CPS

Austin, Texas

Big Blue Eye Consulting, LLC

Living with a mental illness or chemical dependency, or loving someone who faces those challenges, can test the resolve of everyone involved. When you also consider the crisis mode in which treatment decisions are usually encountered, the complicated language and rules of health care, and the specificity and cost of treatment, the critical task of getting the appropriate help for the appropriate price at the appropriate time can feel impossible.

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As is a licensed chemical dependency counselor with a master’s degree in family studies and a certification in mediation, Kimberly specializes in leading family units through high-stakes discussions. An independent consultant, she helps assess the situation, lay out options, and coordinate referrals to ensure access to the best care possible while saving the family money.

As a former administrator and admissions specialist at treatment centers and a fully licensed insurance agent, Kimberly holds great respect within the industry for her ability to read contracts, interpret the terms, and get claims paid.

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