Kimberly Allen, MS, LCDC, CPS

Austin, Texas

Family Services

Family-Addiction-Mediation-Services There are no perfect families. Every single family, even those seemingly put-together, eventually wrestles with very difficult situations that test their ability to make good decisions and relate respectfully with each other.

When one member’s mental illness or chemical dependency influences their behavior in such a way as to put them or others in physical danger, land them in legal trouble, or otherwise disrupt the family, it puts extreme stress on the entire unit. That makes it almost impossible to systematically identify the available options, objectively analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and move forward with everyone’s agreement.

Oftentimes, the family immediately faces major health care decisions—with no prior consideration or research—that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, treatment facilities are not created equally. Not only do they vary in specialty, but also in quality of care, cost, and discharge processes.

If your family’s challenges stem from a member struggling with a chemical dependency or suffering from a mental illness, you might benefit from someone trained in mediation, licensed in chemical dependency counseling, educated in family studies, experienced in the behavioral health and substance abuse industries, and skilled at deciphering insurance benefits.

She skillfully guides the discussion to make sure every person’s voice is heard and needs are met. She offers an unbiased wealth of knowledge about which treatment facilities could best help the person in need. She also understands what insurance benefits should and will not cover and is adept at helping to ensure the companies pay claims at the appropriate level.

Contact Kimberly if your family would like assistance in navigating these complex issues.