Kimberly Allen, MS, LCDC, CPS

Austin, Texas

Family Services

Mental Health Care Can Be Affordable with Solution-Based Planning

Getting proper care for people suffering from a mental disease is at least as important (if not more so) as getting proper care for people suffering from a physical disease.

Yet treatment can feel out of reach. It is expensive. It can be scary. And when care is sought, it is usually during a crisis, when very critical decisions are being made by family members who are not thinking clearly. Those decisions can mean the difference between the patient’s recovery and decline—and the family’s financial stability or near-ruin.

But there is a financial solution to ensure patients with mental illness get the ongoing care they need to live full, productive, successful lives.

Professionals with experience in the treatment and insurance industries can help educate patients and their families on the slew of options available, improving the chances that the patient gets the most appropriate care for their needs. When those professionals are also patient advocates who specialize in the financial aspects of mental health treatment, they can provide accurate cost estimates of the various choices, explain insurance benefits, help negotiate complex contracts and payment plans, and appeal unpaid claims.

But families need not and should not wait until a crisis to seek out these services. In fact, understanding the treatment options can prevent crises from occurring.

Don’t settle for choosing either mental health and financial health. Both can be achieved with the right professional guidance.